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One of the most common processes in the engineering industry. It allows the shaping of prismatic parts but also of complex shape thanks to the 5-axis. The result is a part with precise and repeatable dimensions.


Turning consists of producing parts whose shapes result from a revolution of a profile around an axis. This is the most efficient process for making cylindrical parts.


We also speak of spark machining. This technique is characterized by its ability to machine all electrically conductive materials (metals, alloys, carbides, graphites, etc.) regardless of their hardness. A slow and complex process, the result is a very accurate part with a perfect surface finish.


Waterjet cutting is a manufacturing process that uses a hyperbaric water jet to cut material (foam, leather, metallic materials, stones, composite materials, agri-food products, etc.). the fluid, may contain additives, in particular to facilitate the cutting of the material.

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